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The Mosque Project 2021


Join The Team


Welcome to the application form for a position upon the TMP 2021 team! We are honoured that you have chosen to apply, and would like to take a moment to remind you of the hadith “Whosoever shares in building a masjid for Allah, even if it is as small as a bird’s nest, Allah (S.W.T.) will build for him a house in Paradise.” (Ahmad) This shows the tremendous amount of reward to be gained through a project such as this one, and we wish you the best upon this journey with us.

The role you'll be applying for is a general member of the team, which we will tailor to your requirements and ranges from helping with social media to liaising with ISocs and much much more! You'll be provided full training and we can work out a schedule that works best for you

Please complete the application below. If you have any questions please contact us via


Deadline: 23:59 7th February 2021 

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