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You have supported with your donations, time & effort. It is now your opportunity to put forward name suggestions for the Masjid in Syria & Gambia. Vote from the selected names that have been compiled from suggestions.


Please vote for your favourite name for each Mosque - these are based on the suggestions given by you!

Below we've put some of your reasons for suggesting these names.

1. Masjid ul Raja'aa, Masjid of Hope 

It was through having hope and Tawakkul in Allah did we all manage to achieve this milestones, Subhan'Allah!

2. Ahmet Masjid

The name of the deceased grandfather of the person submitting the name, may Allah ‎ﷻ have mercy on him

3. Al Mustafa

Meaning is chosen one/loved by Allah. We spend time in places of worship to gain Allahs love, and we have built this mosque to gain Allahs love too, inshaAllah.

4. Masjid at-taqwa

 Sounds nice + good meaning

5. Sakeena


6. Masjid An-Nur

 Insha'Allah the masjid will act as a light in their respective communities

7. الفرقان (Al-Furqan)

The Criterion, The name Al-Furqan, or "The Criterion" refers to the Qur'an itself as the decisive factor between good and evil. Mosques are centres of Qur’an and so it emphasises the importance of the Qur’an studies

8. Darussalam

Home of peace, Nice meaning

9. Masjid Al Ikhlass

So they people can achieve more sincerity in their faith when they set foot in there. I also want this Masjid to be a reflection go the sincerity of all of those who donated

10. Masjid al-salam

 Mosque of peace, Finding peace in knowing we are helping muslims around the world

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